If this is your first visit to philmack.com , welcome . With the help of a dedicated team , we set up www.philmack.com in October 2008 . In the last few weeks the reaction has been simply phenomenal . The aim of the website is to provide Country / Irish / Rock style Music , one of Phils loves in life . As the weeks pass by we intend to constantly add many favourite Songs and Ballads from the past . Phil played many of the london irish venues in the 70s 80s and up until recently still did.He now concentrates on recording,but still performs at certain clubs and functions during the year.Phil has had offers of tours of Ireland and the UK,and this may be an option later in the year. We have a fully equipped Recording studio at our disposal , with top class engineers and staff who are dedicated to releasing top class Cds and Compilations of some of the all time Irish / Country favourites . 

The website will also carry Videos of different parts and Counties of Ireland , which we hope you enjoy. We also love to hear your views on the website , so when possible please leave a comment on the guest book . If you have a particular question please use the Contact us E Mail section in the Menu , and we will reply to you , within 3 days ..

A CD purchase facility is available on this site . And CDs are normally mailed out within 1 week .

If you have enjoyed browsing this site , we thank you , and hope you return . If you know of anyone who likes Irish / country music , please let them know about www.philmack.com

If there are any improvements you would like to see on here please let us know by E Mail to killala@btinternet.com .

Phils roots are in Donegal , and Mayo . Donegal was his parents , place of birth Culdaff / Dunross / Inistrahull island . Whilst his wifes family are from Killala / Ballina area of Mayo

 Good luck to you all and thank you for visiting www.philmack.com

                                                          regards ; The Site Admin Team